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Yorkshire, England


Tree: Family of Robert Ridsdale and Eleanor Curry

Latitude: 53.9522471666667, Longitude: -1.0849

Tree: Ridsdale Families

Latitude: 53.9522471666667, Longitude: -1.0849


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Auckland, Mary  25 Feb 1808Yorkshire, England I1000
2 Baynes, Mary  Abt 1791Yorkshire, England I643
3 Beal, Ann  Abt 1781Yorkshire, England I2672
4 Bell, Eleanor "Ellen"  Abt 1804Yorkshire, England I9275
5 Benson, George  2 Oct 1809Yorkshire, England I9316
6 Benson, John  Abt 1771Yorkshire, England I2459
7 Boynton, Jacob  Bef 29 Jan 1781Yorkshire, England I2683
8 Bradley, John  Abt 1771Yorkshire, England I9325
9 Brown, Mary  Abt 1771Yorkshire, England I374
10 Buckle, John  Abt 1801Yorkshire, England I1117
11 Bulmer, John  Abt 1771Yorkshire, England I155
12 Bulmer, Thomas  Abt 1769Yorkshire, England I183
13 Burton, Elizabeth  Abt 1784Yorkshire, England I80411
14 Calvin, Elizabeth  Cal 1760Yorkshire, England I2007
15 Clark, George  Est 1740Yorkshire, England I788
16 Coultherist, Catharine  Abt 1762Yorkshire, England I196
17 Croft, Jane  Bef 21 May 1782Yorkshire, England I1516
18 Curtis, William  Abt 1806Yorkshire, England I999
19 Deighton, Elizabeth  Bef 14 Oct 1832Yorkshire, England I9310
20 Deighton, Esther  Bef 5 Apr 1830Yorkshire, England I9309
21 Dixon, George  Abt 1837Yorkshire, England I5533
22 Dixon, Henry  Abt 1811Yorkshire, England I1614
23 Dodd, Mary  Abt 1798Yorkshire, England I1636
24 English, Elizabeth  Bef 17 Sep 1769Yorkshire, England I156
25 Fletcher, Sarah  Abt 1816Yorkshire, England I2818
26 Garnett, George  Abt 1798Yorkshire, England I2271
27 Greaves, Martha  Abt 1783Yorkshire, England I1499
28 Hallett, Robert  Abt 1791Yorkshire, England I947
29 Harmson, Harriet  Bef 8 Jan 1816Yorkshire, England I79267
30 Hornsby, Isabella  24 Nov 1809Yorkshire, England I4387
31 Horseman, James  Abt 1821Yorkshire, England I79092
32 Iles, William  Abt 1796Yorkshire, England I2731
33 Ingram, Ann  Bef 15 May 1785Yorkshire, England I2553
34 Jarratt, Thomas  Abt 1813Yorkshire, England I2175
35 Jeffels, John  Abt 1786Yorkshire, England I400
36 Johnson, Mary  Abt 1796Yorkshire, England I362
37 Jones, John  Between 1795 and 1801Yorkshire, England I3115
38 Lewis, Edward  Abt 1812Yorkshire, England I79984
39 Lickish, Elizabeth  Abt 1806Yorkshire, England I1045
40 Lomas, Arthur  Abt Oct 1840Yorkshire, England I1421
41 Long, Rosemund "Rose"  Bef 23 Oct 1763Yorkshire, England I1407
42 Lund, Thomas  Abt 1761Yorkshire, England I1521
43 Marshall, Ann  Abt 1807Yorkshire, England I6741
44 Marshall, William  Bef 22 Aug 1830Yorkshire, England I80201
45 Metcalf, Mary  Abt 1806Yorkshire, England I1118
46 Morley, Christiana Ann "Christy Ann"  Abt 1811Yorkshire, England I372
47 Morrill, Henry  Bef 25 May 1828Yorkshire, England I9925
48 Mothersdill, Thomas  Abt 1811Yorkshire, England I5525
49 Myers, Alice  Abt 1838Yorkshire, England I148
50 Noble, Charles  Bef 6 Jun 1824Yorkshire, England I2372

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Haxby, Charles Askwith  2 Aug 1913Yorkshire, England I80130

Alt. Birth

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Alt. Birth    Person ID 
1 Ridsdale, Francis  Abt 1796Yorkshire, England I376
2 Rose, Ann  Abt 1811Yorkshire, England I2012


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Obituary    Person ID 
1 Bateson, Winifred "Winnie"  28 May 2010Yorkshire, England I9608
2 Beal, Margaret  8 Nov 2011Yorkshire, England I3790
3 Ridsdale, Andrew Patrick G.  22 Mar 2012Yorkshire, England I9814
4 Ridsdale, Cyril  28 Jan 2009Yorkshire, England I80318
5 Ridsdale, Ernest W. "Ernie"  13 Sep 2012Yorkshire, England I9827
6 Ridsdale, Gwendoline Mary "Gwen"  11 Jun 2010Yorkshire, England I9599
7 Ridsdale, Ida  16 Dec 2011Yorkshire, England I9504
8 Ridsdale, Leonard W. "Len"  19 Jan 2012Yorkshire, England I79555
9 Ridsdale, Leonard W. "Len"  19 Jan 2012Yorkshire, England I79555
10 Ridsdale, Leonard W. "Len"  19 Jan 2012Yorkshire, England I79555
11 Ridsdale, Leonard W. "Len"  19 Jan 2012Yorkshire, England I79555
12 Ridsdale, Peter  29 Nov 2012Yorkshire, England I3989


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Clark / [--?--]  Est 1765Yorkshire, England F213
2 Ridsdale / Clark  Abt 1791Yorkshire, England F212
3 Rudsdale / Boyes  2 Jan 1865Yorkshire, England F796