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Welcome Ridsdales and Ridsdale family Genealogists!

The Ridsdale family is an old Yorkshire family that has mostly stayed in Yorkshire; however, branches have spread across the globe. The have worked in the fields and mines and in the corridors of power in London.

I began this single name study to honor my maternal grandfather Ernest Lake Ridsdale who came to America from Saltburn-by-the-Sea, North Yorkshire in 1907 I interviewed him to learn of his family when I was in my teens. In the 1980s, I spent a lot of time on business in England and visited my mother's cousin Richard Oswald Ridsdale in Stockton-on-Tees many times. He introduced me both to places our Ridsdales inhabited and also some family members living in the area. This genealogy currently has two separate trees.

In the 1990s I decided to expand my Ridsdale research into a more formal single-name study of all Ridsdale families worldwide, in part with a goal to connect Ridsdales in the US, Canada, Australia, New Zealand and elsewhere with their roots in England. The goal was to collect factoids about Ridsdales both from on-line sources and family records into a research site so that new Ridsdale family researchers would have a compiled source of Ridsdale information.

I have organized my research for now into two family files. One is my personal family and the other is currently all other Ridsdales that cannot be connected to my family. I have no doubt that as I learn more about my own ancestors that some trees for other Ridsdales will be moved to my file.

Part of the way that I expect to gather that knowledge is through a Ridsdale Surname DNA Project. We can use Y-Chromosome DNA to determine which Ridsdale are biologically related, meaning that have a common Ridsdale ancestor. We are encouraging all males named Ridsdale to join this project and supply us with their Ridsdale pedigree. Contact me for more details or Join now!

I have created this research web site as a compiled source for what I have so far documented in my family files. I encourage all researchers to contribute to the site by registering for an account and submitting updates for me to add to the family files. I update the web site from time to time as I have significant new data. The site currently has two tree but a common index so determining if I have already started looking at your ancestor should be fairly easy. I do not publish details for living people except their names. People with accounts may be given access to information about living people from their family.

The first tree is my family, the Ridsdale-Curry family of Kirk Merrington, County Durham, England. I have tried with this family to document all family lines to the present time as well as I can based on the sources at my disposal. I am also documenting several allied families that are part of my personal ancestry in England, in particular, Bulmer, Wilkinson, Bolton, and Lake families. I have a special connection to the Bulmers as that is where my middle name was derived. For convenience to my family, I also include a basic family framework for both my own and my wife's pedigree families. These are detailed more fully in other web sites.

The second tree, currently, is a framework for all other Ridsdale families. Overtime, I expect to split this into more trees as the families are more fully researched and documented. As I develop these genealogies, working with other researchers, I will create separate trees for distinct families. DNA will be a serious factor in what constitutes distinct families.

This is a collaborative research effort. No one has enough time to research this, or any, family by themselves. However, I do control what goes on the site based on what the evidence can support so other researchers can have reasonable confidence in the information they find here. But I am not perfect. If you find information that needs to be corrected or you have additional information or you just want to work with me to fill out a family line or you have some old source material, please contact me!

John Bulmer Lisle, Nashua, New Hampshire USA
Ridsdale Surname Registrant, Guild of One Name Studies, London


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Latest News
17 August 2017 - Added major update for Rudsdale families 1837-present along with many other updates and corrections. 29 July 2017 - Major update for both Ridsdale trees. In this update,I am beginning a major family reconstruction project for the Ridsdales of England and Wales for the period from 1837 to the present based mainly on the UK GRO Birth/Marriage/Death records. I have completed Northumberland and County Durham between 1837 and about 1980, along with linking most of those records to existing Ridsdale family lines. In some cases, I have had to use other records to confirm those family relationships (eg, Census, 1939 UK Register, Election Rolls). If you see any mistakes or updates, please forward details so they can be updated in the next update. I plan to tackle the North Riding of Yorkshire next.

2 October 2016 - Upgraded Software to TNG version 11.0.1.